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The new use of non-woven fabrics in the clothing

Non-woven fabrics in the clothing of applications in progress, has a new expansion.

Development of new fibers, water-soluble non-woven is an environmentally friendly product, its application range is gradually expanding. Water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber production spunlace nonwoven is a good material for the production of radiation and pollution prevention clothing. In order to increase the protective effect can also be water soluble film composite, increasing the barrier properties of protective clothing. In addition, the use of new fiber, the foreign countries have also developed a super-absorbent fiber (SAF) in the non-woven production process technology. This contains the SAF non-woven fabrics are especially good soft feel and water absorption as a lingerie wearing, can rapidly absorb the sweat of the human body, increasing the comfort of the micro-environment between the clothing and the body.

In the development of new composite non-woven materials, the U.S. developed a new composite non-woven fabrics of cotton fiber, the surface layer of cotton and polypropylene fibers thermally bonded non-Spun cloth, and spunbond fabrics composed of two or three composite product feel similar to cotton knitted fabric, with good strength and elongation, water absorption and water retention And wicking speed, pilling performance advantages of small, organized, elongation for 50% of the instantaneous elastic response rate can reach 83% ~ 93%, suitable for Production of medical isolation clothing and disposable underwear.