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What is Cleanroom and what can Cleanroom Wipers do ?

A cleanroom or Clean Room is a working environment where concentration of  airborne particles and contamination is controlled to maintain the specified limits. Such working environment is a MUST at manufacturingunitsofSemiconductors,Pharmaceutical,PCBManufacturing, Scientific Research, Manufacturing Centers, Testing Facilitiesandothercriticalenvironmentswhereevenlittle contamination can be harmful.

Any contamination in a cleanroom generated by movement of people, manufacturing or research process and equipment should be removed or controlled up to the required standards.

  Cleanroom Wipes are made from the lowest-linting substrates such as polyester, poly-cellulose, microfiber, and cotton. They are manufactured with materials that are free of bonding agents, adhesives or chemical additives.

We can customized colors,sizes and packings upon your requests.