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YCtek Microfiber Cloths 9"*9", 100 wipes/Package


The YCtek Microfiber Cloths are made with environmentally friendly material. It can help you to clean easier. 



1. The YCtek microfiber wipers are launderable and reusable. 

2. The microfiber wiper is made of special polyester and always used for dust free room. It has high water absorption, no besmirch or water marks remain on the surface when used.

3. It is suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions and has the electrostatic prevention function.

4. Its edges are tidy with little amount of dust as it is sealed around by laser, therefore, it can improve the fine rate of the products cleaned with it in course of use.


YCtek Cleanroom Microfiber Cloths 9"*9", 100 wipes/bag details