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Wood pulp Spunlace Compound Cloth is a Special Product

Wood pulp spunlace non-woven fabric is an advanced water puncture equipment developed by independent innovation, which is made of high quality fiber and imported wood pulp, which is not processed by any chemical adhesives.The product has unique absorbing ability and absorbing ability, superior dustproof, soft, anti-static, non-damaging surface and strong and durable properties.

Specification materials

1.Appearance: plain, embossed
2.Width: 2200 mm or less
3.Color: white color

Performance characteristics

1. Environmental protection, biodegradable;
2. Dust free, no fiber loss in use, no fiber, ensure the quality of wiping;
3. The network is uniform and has excellent longitudinal and vertical pull;
4. The material is soft and does not produce any scratches or damage to the surface of the cleaning material;
5. Super absorbability, more than four times faster than normal cotton cloth;
6. Efficient removal of water spots and oil pollution capacity;

Application fields

1.Industrial cleaning: such as SMT, PCB wiping cloth, mainly applicable to: electronics industry, spray technology, research institute, laboratory, printing, machinery processing, food and pharmaceutical production equipment cleaning, car beauty, precision instrument surface clean;
2. Civil cleaning: apply to wet towel, compressed towel, kitchen dry cleaning, etc;
3. Medical and hygiene: surgical operation, surgical cap, medical bed sheet, pillowcase, tablecloth, medical gauze, etc.