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Classification and application of non-woven fabrics

2020-03-16 16:15:18
Classification and application of non-woven fabrics

Nonwoven fabric scientific name: Nonwovens, also known as Nonwovens, nonwoven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics.Nonwoven technology is a kind of material processing technology which originated from textile but surpasses textile.

Non-woven fabrics are classified as follows:

一. classification according to production process:

1. Spiny non-woven fabric:
The high pressure water jet to a layer or multi-layer fiber network, so that the fiber interlock together, so that the fiber network can be strengthened and have a certain strength.

2. Heat-bonded non-woven fabric:
Refers to the addition of fiber mesh fiber or powder hot fusion bonding reinforcement materials, fiber mesh after heating and cooling reinforcement into cloth.

3, pulp into a net of non-woven cloth:
Also known as dust - free paper, dry - process paper - making non - woven.It is the use of air mesh technology to open the wood pulp fiberboard loose into a single fiber state, and then use the air flow method to make the fiber agglutination in the mesh curtain, fiber mesh reinforcement into cloth.

4. Wet non-woven:
The fiber material placed in the water medium is loosened into single fiber, and different fiber materials are mixed at the same time to make fiber suspension slurry. The suspension slurry is transported to the netting mechanism, and the fiber is netted and reinforced into cloth under the wet state.

5. Spun-bonded non-woven fabric:
After the polymer has been extruded and stretched to form a continuous filament, the filament is laid into a network, and the fiber network is bonded by its own adhesion, thermal adhesion, chemical adhesion or mechanical reinforcement, so that the fiber network becomes non-woven.

6. Melt-sprayed non-woven fabric:
Its process: polymer feeding → melt extrusion → fiber formation → fiber cooling → mesh → reinforcement into cloth.

7. Acupuncture non-woven fabric:
One of the dry non-woven fabrics, needling non-woven fabric is to use the puncture function of the needle, the fluffy fiber network into the reinforcement of the cloth.

8. Sewn non-woven:
A type of dry nonwoven fabric in which a warp knitting coil structure is used to reinforce a mesh, yarn layer, nontextile material (e.g. plastic sheet, plastic foil, etc.) or a combination of them to produce nonwoven fabric.

二. Classification by use:
1. Non-woven fabrics for medical and sanitary use:

Operating clothes, protective clothing, disinfectant bag cloth, mask, diaper, civilian dishcloth, wiping cloth, wet face towel, magic towel, soft towel roll, beauty products, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad and disposable sanitary cloth, etc.

2. Non-woven fabrics for home decoration:
Wall cloth, table cloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc.

3. Non-woven clothing:
Lining, adhesive lining, flocs, shaping cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather cloth;

4. Industrial non-woven:
Filtration materials, insulation materials, cement packaging bags, geotextile, covering cloth, etc.

5. Non-woven fabrics for agricultural use:
Crop protection cloth, seedling cloth, irrigation cloth, heat preservation curtain, etc.

6. Other non-woven fabrics:
Space cotton, insulation materials, linoleum, smoke filter, tea bags, etc.


  1、原料raw materials




  天然纤维:Natural fibers

  人造纤维:man-made fiber

  合成纤维:synthetic fiber

  化学纤维:chemical fiber

  特种纤维:speci alt y fiber

  复合纤维:composite fiber





  木浆纤维:wood pulp fiber


  锦纶:polyamide fiber(pa)

  腈纶:polyacrylic fiber(pan)

  丙纶:polypropylene fiber(pp)

  芳纶:aramid fiber

  玻璃纤维:glass fiber

  金属纤维:metallic fiber

  中空纤维:hollow fibers




  短纤维:staple fiber


  纤维密度:fiber density

  纤维直径:fiber diameter

  纤维细度:fiber fineness

  纤维强度:fiber strength

  纤维长度:fiber length


  活性炭:activated carbon 热溶胶:hot-melt adhesive

  热溶材料:thermo-melt material 热粘合粉:thermo-bonding powder

  胶乳:latex 染料:dyes

  颜料:pigment 涂料:coating pigment

  海绵:sponge 添加剂:additives

  粘合剂:adhesive,binder 助剂:auxiliary agent

  防老化剂:anti-oxidant 抗静电剂:antisitatic agent

  杀菌剂:bactericide 阻燃剂:flame retardant agent

  消光剂:delustrant 干燥剂:dehumidizer

  荧光增白剂:optical brightener 防污剂:soil-repellent

  清洗剂:cleaning agent


  开包机:bale opener 开松:opening

  开棉机:opener 混棉机:blender

  梳理:carding 道夫:doffer

  罗拉:roller 打手:beater

  铺网机:lapping machine 交叉铺网:cross lapping

  平行铺网:parallel laying 杂乱铺网:random laying

  气流成网:air-laid 烘燥:drying

  烘缸:drying cylinders 烘箱:drying oven

  滚筒:dram 滚筒干燥:cylinder drying

  尘笼:dust cage 输送帘:lattice

  卷绕:winding 切边机:edge cutting machine

  针刺法:needle-punching 针刺机:needling machine

  化学粘合法:chemical bonding process 化学粘合剂:chemical binder

  泡沫粘合法:foam bonding 浆点机:paste point machine

  粉点机:powder point machine 热粘合:thermal bonding

  热轧法:thermal calendaring 成网:web formation

  熔喷法:melt brown


  成人尿布:adult diaper 婴儿尿布:baby diaper

  婴儿擦拭布:baby wipe 人造革基布:artificial leather substrate

  汽车地毯:automotive carpet 汽车顶蓬:automotive headliner

  毯子:blanket 妇女卫生巾:feminine hygiene

  衬布:interlining 土工膜:geomembrane

  土工网:geonets 罩衣:gown

  家具布:home furnishings 家用毯子:house-wrap

  工业滤布:industrial filterling cloth 工业擦拭布:industrial wipe

  汽车内装垫衬:interior decoration lining for automobile

  胸衬:interling for front part 鞋帽衬:interling for shoes and hat

  实验工作服:lab coat 口罩:mask

  医用绷带:medical bandage 医用纱布:medical gauze

  医用口罩:medical mask 枕套:pillow case

  防护服:protective apparel 卷材:roll goods

  屋顶材料:roof material 卫生巾:sanitary napkin

  肩垫:shoulder padding 喷胶棉:spray-bonded nonwovens

  手术帘:surgical drape 台布:table cover 擦拭布:wipe


  耐磨性:abrasion resistance 透气性:breathabiltiy

  定重:basis weight 舒适性:comfortability

  耐用性:durability 柔韧性:flexibility功

  能性:functionality 耐热性:heat resistance

  亲水性:hydrophility 疏水性:hydrophobicity

  强度:intensity 加工性能:processability

  防护性:repellency 回弹性:resiliency

  收缩性:shrinkage 稳定性:softness

  硬挺度:stiffness 耐温性:temperature resistance

  厚度:thickness 防水性:water resistance

  湿强度:wet strength 抗皱性:wrinkle resistance