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55%Woodpulp&45%Polyester Dust-free SMT Stencil Paper Roll


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 Paper or plastic


 100 rolls


 Free sample





  1. Esocoo is made of high-quality woodpulp/polyester spunlaced nonwovens
  2. Prime cleaning performance
  3. Excellent absorption with water and solvent
  4. Lint-Free and no scratch to stencils
  5. High tensile strength




  Available for all the popular automatic SMT machine brands and models, such as MINAMI, DEK, MPM, JUKI, FUJI, YAMAHA, Sony, Panasonic, ASKA, Samsung, SUNEAST, EKRA, KME, etc


55%Woodpulp&45%Polyester Dust-free SMT Stencil Paper Roll