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What is wood pulp spunlace nonwoven?

Wood pulp spunlace nonwoven in normal spunlace nonwoven coated with a layer of wood pulp paper produced by the special spunlace nonwoven.It has a unique absorptive capacity and liquid absorption capacity, excellent clean, soft, anti-static, does not damage the performance of the surface properties and tough enough to not use any chemical binder. He has the following characteristics:
1 Clean, use fiber shedding, no lint, to ensure wipe quality;
2 into a network of uniform, with excellent vertical and horizontal tension;
3 Material soft, clean material surface does not produce any scratches, no damage to the object surface;
4 powerful suction capability, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton cloth;
5 Efficient removal of water stains, degreasing capacity;
6 Excellent resistance to solubility;
7 static electricity;