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Classification of polypropylene fibers

Polypropylene fiber can be divided into long fibers, short fibers, spinning nonwoven fabrics, and non-woven fabrics.
Polypropylene long fiber can be divided into ordinary long fibers and fine denier fibers (single filament is less than or equal to 2.2 dtex, which can be used in the production of clothing and decoration and some industrial filament products.Fine denier polypropylene filament good luster, soft, good drapability, density is small, suitable for knitting industry, with cotton, viscose silk, silk cotton and spandex interwoven into cover cover c products such as acrylic, silk, is an ideal way to make high-end sportswear, T-shirt and other materials.
The production process of polypropylene staple fiber is mainly used in porous, low speed and continuous process, i.e. short spinning process.Polypropylene short fiber and cotton blended yarn, but make it c cotton shirting, bed sheets, namely fibre and viscose blended to do a blanket, pure and blend spinning of polypropylene yarn, polypropylene blankets, carpets, polypropylene cotton cigarette filter tip.The thickness of the sanitary products is 1.5-2.5 dtex, while the fiber in the ground is 5-10 dtex.Fiber length is 1.5-200.0 mm, depending on the use of the fiber.The length of short fiber used as concrete is 1.5-200.0 mm, and the length of the diaper is 40.0mm, and the length of the fabric on the ground is 60.0 mm.
Spinning nonwovens, also known as filament non-woven fabric, is made of extruded spinning, stretching, spreading and bonding of polypropylene raw materials.It has the characteristics of short process, low cost, high productivity, excellent product performance and wide application.Polypropylene nonwoven fabrics are widely used in various fields of production and life (such as disposable medical hygienic supplies, an anti-pollution suit, agricultural cloth, furniture cloth, lining of shoes industry etc.).
Melt-blown nonwoven technology production of fiber is very thin (0.25 microns), melt-blown fabric has a larger specific surface area, pore small and large porosity, so its filterability, shielding and oil-absorbing application features is to use other separate process in the production of non-woven fabric is difficult to have.Fusible nonwoven fabric is widely used in medical, thermal and filtration materials.