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What is viscose And How it is Made

Viscose is a unique form of wood cellulose acetate used in the manufacture of a number of different products. This includes items for the medical industry, though it is perhaps most common as a major ingredient in the production of the fabric rayon. The process of creating this material is fairly complex, beginning with wood pulp that is treated with various chemical baths and procedures. Along with rayon, other products that contain viscose include cellophane and some types of adhesive tape.

Making viscose begins with wood pulp, and manufacturers often use different sources such as bamboo. The wood cellulose is treated with caustic soda, then allowed to age, before being treated again with caustic soda and carbon disulphide. Manufacturers spin the resulting product through various mechanisms and wash it through water baths and similar methods. It is then extracted out of one or more slits to produce threads or other forms necessary in different applications. Since it begins with wood, it is not a synthetic material.