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YCtek80 Polypropylene and Woodpulp Fiber Cleaning Cloth


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 100 rolls


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  1.Material composition: woodpulp+ polypropylene
  2.Characteristics: White, sky blue, blue, green or other clolor with jumbo roll/small roll/pop-up/flat sheet/fold
  3.Have different embass which can make our products more soft and better look for sale
  4.Strong dry and wet strength, high tensile and abrasion resistance.
  5.Soft feeling and naturally degradable,environment-friendly




  1.Wiping and maintaining the mechanical equipments.
  2.Maintaining and cleaning the workplace
  3.Cleaning the transmission belts and rollers
  4.Cleaning and wiping the fluid spill from oil compressor.

YCtek80 Polypropylene and Woodpulp Fiber Cleaning Cloth