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Nonwoven Fabric Cleaning Wipes

Nonwoven disposable wiper intended primarily for industrial applications and having a reduced tendency to accumulate metal chips or other small, sharp foreign objects. The wiper results from a combination of a meltblown microfiber web laminated to at least one web of interconnected aligned split filaments, such as a fibrillated thermoplastic film or foam. The combination is pattern bonded and includes a surfactant for improved wiping properties. The combination of the split flamentary web and microfiber web results in increased safety since injuries due to metal chips picked up by the wiper material are minimized. This is accomplished without significant deterioration of the wiping properties of the meltblown material.
Cleaning Wipes is made from cellulose separated from wood pulp. This Wipe is so strong that this do not require any cloth reinforcement in the middle. It has very good tensile strength and elongation in wet condition which makes it good during washing, squeezing and rinsing. The Wipe is hygienic and does not leave any lint on the surface and no fungus will grow on this as already this is anti-fungal treated and the wipe is 100% bio-degradable. It can absorb water 20 times its own weight.