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Industrial Wipes

Industrial wipes are a fast and practical way to deal with sudden spills and keep work surfaces clean. For the garage, or warehouse, choose our industrial wet wipes that easily clean grease, oil and dirt, and come in a convenient portable bucket. Or our strong, super-absorbent centrefeed rolls that soak up bigger spills before they become a hazard. These are available with a lightweight floor stand that can be carried to other locations.

For everyday spills in busy kitchens, reach for our advanced wiper rolls that are safe for food preparation. To reduce waste and protect rolls from dirt and dust, we also stock quality industrial roll dispensers that are easy to load and simple to maintain. Call our washroom specialists today for next day delivery.

YCtek® wipes which mainly include cleanroom wipes, industrial cleaning wipes, degreasing wipes, airlaid paper, delicate task wipes, multipurpose wipes, lint free wipes, polishing cloths, microfiber cloth, are designed for industrial using and ideal to replace the cotton rags. It could meet the demands of various industrial cleaning needs.