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Where Nonwoven Fabrics Dominate

  To understand nonwovens growth in filtration, one must understand the close relationship with membrane filtration media. In many liquid applications, microporous and reverse osmosis membranes are experiencing rapid growth. Most membrane applications are growing by 8 to 10 percent

  Those dealing with water and wastewater are growing up to 15 percent per year and more.In light of requirements for finer levels of filtration in many market segments, a number of industry experts believe this or even higher levels of growth will be sustainable for many years.

  The major beneficiary of membrane growth and market penetration continues to be nonwovens used in combination with membranes in various configurations.

  For example, nonwoven wetlaid polyester substrates support reverse osmosis membranes in spiral wrap modules in a $30 million worldwide
nonwovens market. The modules are found in systems predominantly located in arid regions where