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The Characteristics of Spunlace Nonwoven Fabrics

  • Author:Joey
  • Release on:2017-02-27

Spunlace nonwoven is a non-woven cloth, it is the direct use of polymer slices, short fibers or filaments into a network of fiber by air or mechanical, spunlace, acupuncture, or hot-rolled reinforcement, and finally after finishing the formation of spunlace nonwoven fabric. With soft,breathable and planar structure of the new fiber products, the advantage of not produce lint,tough, durable, silky soft, and there is feeling of cotton, and cotton fabric, spunlace nonwoven bags,easy to shape, and are cheap.

Durability of one-off. Insulation, electrical conductivity. Softness, just very sexual. Dense,expansive. Isotropic or anisotropic. Filtering, breathable impermeable. Elasticity and stiffness. Light, loose and warm. Thin as onion skin, thick, such as carpet. Waterproof and breathable. Ironing, stitching, molding. Flame retardant, antistatic. Permeable, waterproof,wear, fleece. Fold resistance, good flexibility, high moisture, water repellency.

YCtek Woodpulp spunlace nonwoven jumbo rolls is mixtured by 55% woodpulp and 45% polyester.With the advanced spunlace technical. Really Eco-friendly material, and welcomed by customers.Woodpulp nonwovens for industrial field, printed spunlace for clean wipes, disposable wipes for foodservice, and woodpulp nonwoven wipers(similar to Sontara), along with white basic spunlace for wet wipes usage.