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Nonwoven Fabric in Industrial Application

  • Author:Joey
  • Release on:2017-02-24

Nonwoven fabric is, as its name implies, a kind of fabric that is non woven. Nonwoven fabrics are made by putting randomly piled webs of filaments together in the form of a sheet through the means of gluing the filaments with an adhesive, entangling them by water jets or other type of pressure, or bonding them together by using the property of filament that becomes solid after being melt by heat.

Nonwoven fabric is used in a vast variety of applications as its texture and strength can be adjusted flexibly by changing the raw material used, manufacturing method, sheet thickness, or density. Nonwovens come in handy in various aspects of our daily life across a wide range of fields from civil engineering and construction to agriculture, automobiles, clothing, cosmetics, and medicine.

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