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Needling non-woven fabric-multi-function-more flexible

Needling non-woven fabric-multi-function-more flexible

Acupuncture shows intensity in a series of durable markets.With its multi-functionality and flexibility, acupuncture nonwoven technology continues to grow in durable markets such as automotive, geotextiles, filtration, furniture and other markets.

Compared with other technologies, acupuncture technology has a lower investment threshold, allowing the manufacturer to have only one production line to achieve multiple goals.The needle-shaped nonwoven fabric can be made into a variety of grams, which can be made of a variety of natural and synthetic short fibers.

More and more, non-woven clothes will be used in vehicles to reduce weight and improve gas range, and can also be used in future new vehicles such as electric or fuel cells."They have high demand for sound absorbing materials and insulation materials, which is where acupuncture technology will enter," he added.

At the same time, the building also needs a needle implicator due to its cost effectiveness, which can use different types of short fibers and provide the desired stretching and elongation strength.

View from the supplier

Acupuncture equipment suppliers have optimistic about the growth of the market and will continue to develop new technologies for customers around the world.

The main advantage of acupuncture to other technologies is its wide application base.The unique function of the acupuncture production line is simple, the energy consumption per gram is low, the product quality is excellent, production, while reducing operating costs.In view of the expectation of raw material prices in chemical fiber business, in view of the expectation of raw material prices in chemical fiber business, in view of the rise in raw materials in chemical fiber business, the broader raw material foundation is another reason for using carding / acupuncture technology.The relatively low cost of acupuncture increases its appeal.