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Global demand for filtration nonwovens is expected to grow by 2.7 percent per year

Global demand for filtration nonwovens is expected to grow by 2.7 percent per year

In recent years, filter nonwovens have been widely used in industrial filtration, protection, medical and other fields. According to the latest forecast released by international industrial research institute Freedonia Group, the demand for nonwovens in the field of filter materials will grow by 2.7% annually until 2024.

The growth was driven mainly by four factors.One is the continuous development of advanced nanofiber technology, advanced nanofiber technology makes nonwovens more competitive than membranes and other alternative materials;The second is the increasing use of nonwovens in gas and liquid filtration equipment in the manufacturing industry.Third, governments increase the continuous supervision of air and water quality, requiring filtration of flowing air and wastewater in manufacturing applications, so as to improve the application space of products;Fourth, consumers are paying more attention to the quality of indoor air and drinking water, increasing their new spending on filtration products.

By region, due to the highly industrialized economy of North America, Europe and other developed countries and regions and their long-term attention to environmental protection, it will continue to maintain the leading position in the main market of filtration nonwovens, and focus on technological upgrading and development of more efficient filtration materials.But growth in developed countries and regions will slow as the market is more saturated.

Compared with the economically developed regions such as North America, the rapidly growing industry and economy of the Asia-Pacific countries, as well as the increasing environmental problems, are making it the main position of the global environmental filtering industry in the next few years.Among them, the main drivers of growth from China, India and other countries.

China is the most important filtration material market in the Asia-Pacific region, with a large manufacturing base.China's nonwoven filtration industry has developed significantly in the past few years, and product quality has been greatly improved. The driving force of the downstream domestic market has provided the main driving force for the continuous growth of China's filtration material market.For example, the government's regulation of automobile carbon emissions is increasing, and the automobile after-sale maintenance market is also growing, which makes the market size of nonwoven filter media in the field of transportation further expand.The Indian government's ongoing industrialization drive is also driving the development of filtration materials.The market for filtration nonwovens in the transport sector in India is expected to double thanks to the strong momentum of the automotive industry.In addition, developing countries in the Middle East and Africa, such as Saudi Arabia, are experiencing increased demand for filtration nonwovens mainly due to petroleum processing, while South Africa is experiencing rapid growth due to increased industrialization and demand growth in the end market.