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Cleaning Wiper,300pcs/box,green multi-purpose wipesCleaning Wiper,300pcs/box,green multi-purpose wipesCleaning Wiper,300pcs/box,green multi-purpose wipes

Cleaning Wiper,300pcs/box,green multi-purpose wipes

  • Brand: YCtek
  • Material: Wood Pulp+Polyester
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 65gsm
  • Size: OEM
  • Pattern: Plain,Embossed
  • Style: 1/4 folding
  • Certification:ISO9001,SGS,ROHS
Cleaning Wiper,300pcs/box,green multi-purpose wipes

Specification of multi-purpose wipes

    Material: nonwoven fabric, 55% wood pulp and 45% polyester
    Weight: 50-75gsm
    Size:  25cm*35cm, 30cm*35cm
    Packing:  300pcs/box, 6boxes/carton
    Color: Green
    Types: smooth or embossed with different patterns

Advantages of the cleaning wiper:

    Super absorbency of water and oil
    Abrasion resistent and tough enough
    Chemical resistent, Cleanser can be used
    Good choice for economical consideration
    Convenient package
    Soft and with wet strengh
    Super for automotive cleaning

Applications of cleaning wiper:  

1. Auto manufacturing & refinishing, washing, polishing, pre-cleaning, degreasing
2. Painting, printing, oil station
3. Electronic industry, ship, aircraft cabin, machine product line
4. General cleaning wipes to replace cotton rags

Cleaning wiper material

How to use the cleaning wipes, pls watch the video in our website, which will show you the right way.

Below is the cleaning wiper products and packing

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2. After-sale service
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