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World nonwoven industry: crazy year

World nonwoven industry: crazy year

In 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19, most industries have experienced a period of shutdown, and various economic activities have temporarily come to a standstill.In such a situation, the non-woven fabric industry is busier than at any other time.As the demand of the disinfection wet wipes and masks and other products in this year reached an unprecedented level, the substrate material (i.e., melt-blown materials) news reports of a surge in demand of the mainstream, many people first hear a new word, non-woven, people begin to pay more attention to nonwoven materials play a important role in protecting public health.The year 2020 May be a lost year for other industries, but that doesn't apply to the nonwoven industry.

01.In response to COVID-19, companies are increasing production or expanding into new markets

More than a year after COVID-19 cases were first reported, with many industries facing shutdowns or closures as the virus gradually spread from Asia to Europe and eventually to North and South America in the early months of 2020, the global nonwovens industry has begun to grow at a rapid pace.Nonwovens services in a number of markets (medical, health care, health, wiping cloth, etc.) was announced as the essential business for a long time, the protective clothing, masks and respirators and other medical equipment at an all-time high demand, also means that the industry many enterprises must actually increase production, or to expand existing business to a new market.

02.Industry leading nonwovens manufacturer to increase melt-blown capacity this year

By 2020, nearly 40 new meltblown production lines are planned in North America alone, and perhaps 100 more are planned worldwide.At the beginning of the outbreak, Reifenhauser, a supplier of meltblast machines, announced that it was able to reduce the lead time of meltblast lines to 3.5 months, providing a fast and reliable solution to the worldwide shortage of masks.

03.Makers of absorbent hygiene products expand their business into the production of face masks

In order to ensure that there is sufficient nonwoven production capacity to meet the demand for masks, companies in various consumer markets have begun to increase production of masks.

The production of wet wipes has increased significantly, but it is still challenging to meet the demand of wet wipes market

04.Investment in this sector has been strong this year as demand for antiseptic wipes has surged and new wipes applications continue to be introduced in industrial, personal and home care.

Consolidation in the health industry supply chain is a clear trend

05.Consolidation in the health supply chain has continued in recent years.The trend began with Berry Plastics' acquisition of Avintiv, which combined nonwovens and thin films, two basic components of sanitary products.