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What is wipes

Wipe cloth is made of non-woven cleaning supplies, inventory does not occupy a space, strong absorption, not hurting objects' surface, dropping soft, generating static electricity, and can be used together with liquids such as solvent, and the special design, according to different environment.It is widely used in the fields of printing, electronics, machinery, motor, mould processing, automobile, aviation, petrochemical, laboratory, plastics, laboratory, laboratory, laboratory, clean room, food, pharmacy, etc.
Clean cloth is generally used for the cleaning of high-tech products such as digital products, which will not produce dust particles when wiping, and can also absorb liquid and dust when used.We generally say that the dust wiping cloth can be divided into three categories according to the different sealing edges: the first type is the cold-cut dustless cloth, the second type is the laser sealing side dustless cloth, and the third class is the ultrasonic sealing edge dust-free cloth.In general wipe fiber cloth is made of polyester double dimension as the main raw material, the surface is very soft, can wipe the surface of an object is more sensitive, when friction fiber is not easy to fall off, has a very good water imbibition, cleaning effect is also very strong.