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The Merit of Nonwoven Fabric Wipes

As a new product of green and low-carbon environmental protection industry, non-woven cloth has begun to gradually enter our life and bring many conveniences to our daily life.What are the advantages of a non-woven cleaning cloth?Today let's look at its product features.
First, the oil effect.The non-woven cloth is made of oil-friendly fiber, which can quickly adsorb when exposed to oil, and also reduce the friction on fine surface.
Second, its dust absorption effect is obvious.Quickly and efficiently absorb dirt and dust and reduce the disturbance caused by cleaning.
The third is its versatility, in addition to household cleaning, can wipe a DSL, PSP airframe and screen, LCD screen, computer and TV monitors, camera lenses, precision instrument, the goods such as cars and the disc surface.
Finally, there is an obvious advantage of environmental protection. It can be repeated many times, and it is more environmentally friendly.