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The Industrial Wipes Market

The industrial wipes market is growing. The biggest driving force behind this growth is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) long-awaited wiper rule, which was published in 2013 and makes non-laundered wipers more competitive against laundered shop towels, but other factors are playing a role. Research has shown that the use of premoistened wipes can save money—both in labor and supply costs—as the products are administered in a more controlled setting. And, this controlled setting also allows users to gauge exactly what they are applying to cleaning surfaces.

“Everyone is so busy—they are looking for more efficient cleaning methods,” says Andy Bolin, ITW Brands. “A lot of people are able to see the value that a wiper brings—the right solutions, the right towel, a premeasured amount, consistency,” he says. “When you think about cleaning something where people are using a spray bottle and rag, you have to go get that rag and you don’t know the quality or the integrity of that rag. With a wipe, it’s a controlled application, there is no dripping or prepping.”