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The History of Nonwoven Fabric

  • Author:Joey
  • Release on:2017-02-22
Before the history of nonwovens, the history of paper should be discussed. Paper has a long history. According to the currently predominant theory, paper already existed in the second century B.C. and a Chinese inventor Ts'ai Lung consolidated and improved the existing papermaking technologies around 105 B.C. The methods are said to be introduced from Goguryeo into Japan in 610.

The history of industrial nonwovens is believed to start in the 1920's when a German felt trading company solidified flock and wool by glue as a substitute for felt. Felt is a collective term for sheet-shaped goods produced by collecting and compressing animal hair and this is also one kind of nonwovens. Felt has a longer history than paper and archaeologists believe the oldest felt existed around the fifth century B.C.

In Japan, the production of wetlaid nonwovens started in the 1950's. Several years later, we, Hirose Paper Mfg, began production of wetlaid nonwovens, which was the start of the full-fledged era of nonwovens.