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Nowadays Nonwoven Fabric in Industrial Applications

  • Author:Joey
  • Release on:2017-02-16

As the unique features and advantages of the nonwoven fabric, it has already been widely accepted and applied into many areas in daily life of people.

The nonwoven fabric could be also applied into the industrial areas.These industrial products include the cleanroom wipes, industrial cleaning wipes, degreasing wipes, airlaid paper, delicate task wipes, multipurpose wipes, Lint free wipes, polishing cloths, microfiber cloth,and many other products which are usually used in the industrial areas.

However, in additional to all of these application and specific products above, there are also many other areas and products which could apply these nonwoven fabrics.

We are the professional manufacturer of nonwoven fabric in china.Our product nonwoven fabric wipes are widely used in industrial area, such as workshop, print, paint, automotive, medical, electronic, semiconductor, optical, biological engineering, medical facility, and laboratory and so on. We also could do OEM service to our customers to satisfy their special requirements.