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Nonwoven fabric production in Asia

China was Asia's largest producer of nonwoven fabrics in 2015, and production in the country increased significantly compared with the previous year. There were also increases in nonwoven fabric production in Japan, India and Taiwan. In South Korea, however, nonwoven fabric production fell.

The most important category of nonwoven fabrics produced in Asia in 2015 was that of spunbonded and meltblown nonwovens. The fastest growth, however, was in the production of wet-laid nonwovens followed by spunlaced nonwovens. Looking to the future, nonwoven fabric production in Asia will continue to grow at a healthy pace.

A new report from Textiles Intelligence includes statistical data and analysis of nonwoven fabric production in Asia for the period 2008-15, and provides detailed data for China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

In addition to the statistics, the data are broken down by the type of nonwoven fabric, including: chemical bonded; thermal bonded; needlepunched; spunlaced; spunbonded and meltblown; other dry-laid; and wet-laid.