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Nonwoven Wipes Jumbo Roll for industrial

Nonwovens industry is committed to developing and promoting materials that ensure the health and safety of users.

The demand for single or limited-use industrial and institutional wipes has advanced significantly in recent years as a result of the desire for convenient, time saving, easy to use products that are economically efficient and prevent cross-contamination. The nonwovens industry has met these demands with cutting-edge technologies and new ideas which have benefited the industry and taken it forward with incredible momentum.

Industrial wipes are disposable nonwoven products used for a variety of applications in industry and institutions, including food service wipes, general industrial, and specialty wipes and medical wipes. These products can be wet or dry and may be impregnated with ingredients for specific purposes, such as polishing, cleaning, or removing bacteria.

Different nonwoven processes and technologies are used to produce specific properties in an industrial wipe to match every industrial wiping requirement with the perfect nonwoven solution.

The Advantages of Using Nonwovens

Consistent, high performance, custom engineered for each application
Hygienic, convenient, excellent cost and value in use
No residual oils, chemicals or other contaminants that can leave streaks and smears, causing losses in time and quality
No significant residues of heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel) or EOX (extractable organic halogens)
A wide range of materials and dispensing solutions to find the ideal nonwoven wipe for any application