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Nonwoven Wipes China Supplier

The staying power of powerhouse products like Swiffer or Clorox wipes is not surprising to me. Not only are these products convenient and easy to use, they work better than traditional cleaning methods. What does surprise me however, is the constant and steady stream of new products appearing on store shelves. Just take a look at the new products section on page 32. With products ranging from a deodorant wipe for “The girl on the go,” a baby wipe with olive oil for baby’s delicate skin to Kimberly-Clark’s latest product, a wet wipe sold under its Kleenex tissue brand, the category continues to innovate reaching new customers and new market areas. In fact, K-C executives recently told investors that the K-C wet wipe product was quickly becoming one of its most successful product introductions to date.
Wipes—Changing The Way We Clean and Live