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Airlaid Nonwoven Materials

Airlaid nonwoven materials are extensively used on a daily basis, catering to personal care and hygiene, home care and industrial sectors. They find primary application as wipes, both wet and dry that address cosmetic, baby care, and cleaning needs quite effectively. Quality controlled airlaid paper is an integral part of the food industry.

With high absorption rates and flexibility, Airlaid material makes good packaging material, and can also double up as a disposable catering alternative. Industrial use of airlaid nonwovens includes, but is not limited to acoustic insulation, wall linings and padding, de-greasing wipes, and indoor air filtration.

Airlaid nonwovens are created by mechanically bonding the fabric fibers with the help of different bonding processes. Airlaid paper is manufactured by processing woodpulp or cellulose fibers and suitable binders using a stream of air.

Phoenix Fabrikation’s multi-bonded airlaid paper, available in plain and embossed variants, can be used as wipes or for catering purposes. High standards of manufacturing followed at the firm ensure that the product is quite versatile and meets quality specifications across industries. Given the soft and absorbent nature of airlaid materials, they are best used as disposables.