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YCtek Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth

YCtek Blanket self-cleaning cloth divided into two types :dry and wet.


1.Excellent absorbency can achieve good cleaning effect, smooth and soft surface does not damage the blanket and pressure cylinder.

2.High-quality non-woven fabrics , favorable tensile strength with high degree of wear resistance, not shed fibers.

3.Dry cloth has strong ability to absorbs ink, water and oil, and can effectively take away the lint and dust, fully meet the requiredcleanliness.

4.Wet cloth has special solvent evenly immersed in cloth, excellent absorbency effect; the solvent will not be sprayed to the blanket to cause other contamination. Vacuum packaging to keep the cloth from getting dry even after long-term placement .

5.Special solvent evenly and properly impregnated in the cleaning cloth, maintain the same cleaning effect each time, also increase the number of washing times each roll. Significantly reduce the dosage of cleaning agent, reduce the VOC damage to the staff, and clean the printing workshop environment.



YCtek manufactures Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth Rolls for the following sheet-fed and web-offset printing presses... Akiyama, Baker Perkins, Elettra, Harris, Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Koenig & Bauer, Man Roland, Miller, Mitsubishi, Planeta, Ryobi, Shinohara, Timson, Toshiba....and more